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See the 1983 Time Capsule Contents

1983 Time Capsule

On September 19, 2003, a special TG was held at Scripps's Nierenberg Hall to unseal a 20-year-old time capsule. In 1983, when Nierenberg Hall was dedicated, a time capsule was buried in a wall of the building and designated to be opened 20 years later during the Scripps centennial celebration.

Here's what we found in the 1983 Time Capsule. Click on any of the entries to get a closer look.

2003 Prediction Letters

Then-director of Scripps, William A. Nierenberg, and Professor Walter Munk co-wrote "Predictions for the Year 2003." Dr. Nierenberg died in 2000; Dr. Munk was present at the September 19, 2003 TG.
See Letter Page 1, Page 2

Former Scripps Director, Professor Roger Revelle, wrote "A Brief History of the Past 20 Years in the Scripps Institution and Elsewhere in the University of California-October 2003." Dr. Revelle died in 1991.
See Letter Page 1 Page 2

Fifth chancellor of UCSD, Richard C. Atkinson, wrote "Some Predictions for 1983-2003." In October 2003, Dr. Atkinson is retiring after eight years as University of California president.
See Letter Page 1 Page 2

Fourth chancellor of UCSD, William D. McElroy, wrote "The Year 2003." Dr. McElroy died in 1999.
See Letter Page 1 Page 2

Third chancellor of UCSD, William J. McGill, wrote his thoughts about the 20 years ahead. Dr. McGill died in 1997.
See Letter Page 1 Page 2

Second chancellor of UCSD, John S. Galbraith, wrote a letter addressed to Scripps Director William A. Nierenberg to prophecy "what university teaching and research will be like in the year 2003." Dr. Galbraith died in June 2003.
See Letter Page 1 Page 2

Former astronaut Captain Thomas K. Mattingly II wrote his "Thoughts on the Year 2003." Today Mattingly is CEO of the Mexmil Company in Santa Ana, CA and chairman of the board for Universal Space Network in Newport Beach, CA. See Letter

Other Items

Small U.S. flag that flew in space aboard STS-2, November 12-14, 1981, to study the oceans, and descriptive note from astronaut Ken Mattingly. See Flag

Old Scripps Building Landmark Dedication invitation
Invitation to the October 13, 1983 Open House and dedication of the George H. Scripps Memorial Marine Laboratory ("Old Scripps") as a National Historic Landmark.
See Invitation front, back.

Scripps Open House guide and map
A campus map and information describing programs and exhibits for the October 13, 1983 Scripps Open House.
See Map and Guide

Old Scripps Building Landmark Dedication program
Program from the October 13, 1983 dedication of the George H. Scripps Memorial Marine Laboratory ("Old Scripps") as a National Historic Landmark.
See Program cover/back, inside.

Scripps Cornerstone Ceremony program
Program from the October 13, 1983 cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Physical Oceanography and Space Science Building, later named Nierenberg Hall, where time capsule was sealed.
See Program cover/back, inside.

Frontiers of Marine Science symposium program
Program from the October 14, 1983 technical symposium "Frontiers of Marine Science," held to mark Scripps's 80th anniversary.
See Program cover/back, inside.

"Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1903 to 1983" brochure
Brochure issued in honor of Scripps's 80th anniversary, describing "Eighty Years of Research, Teaching, and Public Service in the Marine Sciences." See Brochure
Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8

A gold-plated 1984 quarter was also included.

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