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A leader and innovator in oceanography and marine technology for 100 years, Scripps Institution of Oceanography is dedicating its centennial celebration to communicating the importance of ocean science to the global community and to reaching out to friends and colleagues around the world. more...

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Taking the Official Photo (video)

Cutting the Cake (video)
Food, Fun, and Games (video)

See the 1983 Time Capsule Contents

Please come along on a tour of the Scripps campus—rich in history and architectural interest—on the beautiful Pacific Ocean bluffs of La Jolla.

The Scripps Timeline

The past 100 years have been exciting and eventful for Scripps, from development of the La Jolla campus to innovative ocean exploration to visits from presidents and royalty. The Scripps Timeline gives a glimpse into this colorful history.

The Scripps Family

...How did one of the world's largest oceanographic research institutions - Scripps Institution of Oceanography - come to carry the Scripps name? The story begins in the early years of the 20th century... ( read more )

William E. Ritter

The establishment of Scripps Institution of Oceanography is often attributed to the courage and determination of its first director, William E. Ritter, a man whose motto was "Neglect nothing." Ritter professed a balanced and holistic view of nature, based on a deep interest in philosophy as well as biology, physical science, and mathematics. He was inspired by, in his words, "the vast scale on which things are done in the ocean, and the literally infinite complexity of cause and law there in operation." (read more)

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